Tips to get a Job

know about the company you are applying to

When you approach the contracting company, learn more about it. With relevant industry information you can perform better during the interview.

Also, if you know the company better, some doubts may arise that you can clarify at the time of the interview. 


Know the values and culture of the company


Research on the culture and values of the company with which you will start a recruitment process, so you can know if you share these with the company.

Spend time on your CV

To elaborate your cv look for a modern and professional template, there are several websites that allow you to use professional and structured templates at no cost.

It’s very easy and you just need to spend a little time on it.

Presenting an exceptional CV is to show interest in the vacant position, it is part of the process, and it is better to do it through a presentable curriculum.

Dress appropriately

Here are tips that Dyimage brings us to take care of your image in interviews:

Through your outfit you express information to recruiters such as your emotional stability, your level of responsibility, your culture, your economic pretensions, and the sector to which you belong. That is why it is important that you take care of every detail, for example the colors to use.


Sober colors, navy blue, black, gray, white is always recommended, as they convey seriousness. The excess of clothing projects lack of leadership, the saturation of accessories such as rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, among others, are distractors and communicate messages of inexperience.

Make sure that your outfit is in accordance with the position you are applying for, you should not cause inconsistency between your profile and the position. Use sober and elegant makeup, a little blush and lipstick provides color to your face.

Make sure your hair is well brushed, whether you wear it down or up.

If you have a beard, make sure it is well polished or otherwise present yourself clean-shaved and with your hair trimmed.


And smile, we all expect a kind gesture from human beings, don’t forget to have your smile ready for the interview…